personal trainer toronto


Female personal trainer

I’ve been in the fitness industry for the last 3 years and have experience in dealing with clients and have been successful in helping them achieve their personalized goals. Fitness is a lifestyle to me, it is my greatest asset to me and I would be grateful to make it to others too.

Location: Toronto

Personal training expertise: strength training, HIIT workout, cardio, floor exercises, personal training, and group training.

personal trainer toronto


Personal trainer for weight loss

Moving my body has always come naturally to me, and it is my favourite thing to do! I love helping people feel confident about themselves and their bodies through movement. My goal is always to make a person feel comfortable with where they are at, so that they gain the desire to keep going to achieve their goals.

Location: Toronto

Personal training expertise: I am an inclusive Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor that regularly works online and in person. I believe that everyone can move if given the right encouragement and opportunity. I frequently work with non for profit organizations and schools that support individuals who are neurodiverse. Therefore, I am adept at offering adaptations that suit a variety of individuals. My expertise is in functional training- exercises that serve people in all activities of daily living. I teach Low Impact Resistance Training, HIIT, and Dance Cardio.

personal trainer toronto


Male personal trainer

For me, fitness is used as a tool for therapy. I feel like fitness is so much about both the mind and body, and this is why I got into fitness. To help people reach their goals while seeing them evolve as a person.

Location: Toronto

Personal training expertise: Strength and Conditioning

personal trainer toronto


Personal trainer for extreme weight loss

My passion for fitness really comes from the motivation to be the best version of myself; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Living happily and healthily are the most important values I hold in my heart and hope to help those around me to achieve the same. My goal for all my clients is to educate them on fitness, build healthy habits and push them to achieve all their fitness goals!

Location: Toronto

Personal training expertise: My areas of expertise would be resistance training, improving joint mobility, weight loss, and muscle building.

personal trainer toronto


Personal trainer for seniors

Experienced yoga instructor with a solid background of teaching yoga in different settings. Student focused, with a deep knowledge of anatomy and different styles of yoga.

Yulia’s yoga practice is designed to give you a healthy mind and a flexible body. In her classes she focuses on Mindfulness, body awareness, balance and strength.

Yulia is a Hatha yoga teacher, she received her teacher training in Toronto at the Esther Myers yoga studio. Where she was trained in a student-centered approach to yoga.

Yulia’s yoga classes designed to meet modern needs and expectations but are still true to the ancient art, science, and philosophy of Hatha yoga.
Hatha yoga is a practice, originated in India. It unifies physical and mental disciplines. It makes us healthy, alert and receptive, transforming our perception of the world and the way we live in it.